Nesha Wonderland is a writer, performance artist, and entrepreneur. As the graduate of the famed Los Angeles Film School with a degree in film production, writing and producing, she founded Nesha Wonderland Productions, specializing in Christian faith-based entertainment and empowerment. She has also worked as an ambassador for Marching Beauties; a Los Angeles non-profit, youth organization mentoring teenage girls. Nesha Wonderland.com Motherhood blog offers books, discussions, along with resources to help Christian Women with Faith, Pregnancy, Relationships, Children, and Self-Care.

For speaking/interviews/workshop booking inquiries email info@neshawonderland.com

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Nesha founded and launched Nesha Wonderland Productions; a multimedia entertainment production company on May 1, 2017. Nesha Wonderland Productions is project-based and focused on delivering faith-centered art and communication experiences injected with prayer, empowerment, entertainment, and education for women globally ages 25-60. The company motto is we pray, empower, entertain, and educate Christian female entrepreneurs! 


Our Projects:


HEALING: AFTER THE TRAGEDY ONE WOMAN SHOW:  In June 2018, Nesha wrote, produced, and performed n the one-woman show Healing: After The Tragedy, Nesha illustrates in a poetic way her immersive journey of overcoming trauma through faith and self-reflection. In June 2018, she wrote, produced, and performed her hit, multimedia one-woman show Healing: After The Tragedy, alongside award-winning director, Jessica Lynn Johnson. Showcasing her own recovery Nesha’s production reveals the hardships unique to children in America that have lost a parent to gun violence. Healing: After The Tragedy is a unique and witty stage play, including compelling, relatable characters. Nesha illustrates an immersive journey in overcoming trauma, forgiveness, and reestablishing a parental bond.


WHY PRAY PODCAST: Nesha Wonderland Productions also released season 1 of the podcast Why Pray during 2018 on iTunes and Soundcloud based on Nesha sharing prayer and how to meditate using Bible scriptures. 


HEALING: AFTER THE TRAGEDY AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL/DEVOTIONAL BOOK: The Book Healing after the tragedy was published by the company during 2019.

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